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GM, and welcome to our totally revamped web3 marketing newsletter.

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We have a lot to unveil this week — let’s get straight to it!

What we are digging this week:

  • Top web3 attribution tools to know in 2023 (Oleksii Sidorov - Substack)

  • Tips for hosting a successful web3 event (Coinbound)

  • How to find Discord mods - top places to look in 2023 (Coinbound)

  • Three big brands building on the blockchain (The Drum)

  • 11+ conversion boosting methods to increase Web3 email marketing conversions (Coinbound)

  • How to leverage 4 web3 trends in marketing and PR (Forbes)

  • Finding engaging ideas for your NFT blog (Coinbound)

  • 14 web3 marketing strategies that can increase exposure and consumer trust (Cointelegraph)

  • Three ways web3 could redefine marketing (Forbes)

  • Marketers are captivated by ChatGPT. But here’s why web3 still matters (The Drum)

Upcoming events for web3 marketers:

Bored Ape’s Yuga Labs to discuss brand development at Ad Age's web3 summit

  • The team behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection, Yuga Labs, will participate in a keynote at Ad Age's Web3 Marketing Summit on May 9.

  • Yuga's Chief Creative Officer, Michael Figge, will discuss brand building in the metaverse and traditional brands' roles in virtual and crypto spaces.

  • The Web3 Marketing Summit is a two-day virtual event focusing on how the metaverse and crypto-adjacent tools can benefit brands and agencies.

  • Already, Yuga Labs has worked with traditional brands like Adidas and Gucci, helping them enter the innovative world.

  • The Web3 Summit will touch upon the importance of collaborations, as well as feature Coca-Cola and executives from companies like Roblox, Puma, Pepsi, Paramount, Reddit, and more.

Google Cloud launches a web3 startup program

  • Google Cloud debuts its web3 startup program, providing specialized services and support for blockchain-based firms in collaboration with major crypto partners.

  • The program enables startups to access unique web3 benefits: a private Discord channel, training courses, and grants from Google Cloud's foundation partners.

  • The suite for cloud computing services has already developed web3 products, including its blockchain node engine. Thus, Google Cloud's dedicated team focuses on servicing the web3 community.

  • The team’s new web3 initiative stands out for its collaborative approach, working with web3 native products to offer customizable services to startups.

  • Web3 startups eligible for the program can receive up to $200,000 in Google Cloud credits over two years and gain early access to upcoming web3 products before public release. 

Razer debuts incubator to accelerate mainstream web3 gaming

  • Razer unveils zVentures Web3 Incubator (ZW3I) to support and fund web3 gaming projects, to bring web3-enabled games to mainstream audiences.

  • ZW31 is seeking developers with a successful track record in creating games. The incubator is set to accelerate up to 36 projects, including mobile games.

  • The main goal of the incubator is to provide marketing support by assisting projects in gaining traction and reaching a wider audience.

  • Razer acknowledges that first-generation games in the web3 sphere fell short because of needing to advance graphics and gameplay options and aims to fix this issue.

  • As such, it has venture capital interests and investments in web3 gaming projects: Animoca Brands, Finblox, and Coinomo.

Open web3 marketing positions:

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