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Web3 marketing with 'Killer Whales', Deepcoin's success story, and 2024 trends.

Explore cutting-edge approaches to web3 marketing.

In this week’s edition👇:

  • Hello TV’s ‘Killer Whales’ series: game-changing web3 marketing

  • Deepcoin’s marketing success story in 2023 and beyond

  • Exploring 2024's transformative web3 trends for marketers

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Hello TV’s ‘Killer Whales’ series: game-changing web3 marketing

HELLO Labs is set to roll out its TV series Killer Whales on HELLO TV, strategically employing a pioneering distribution and marketing strategy that seamlessly merges web3 and web2.

  • HELLO TV now offers $HELLO token purchases for Killer Whales episodes. ☝️

  • From March 14, Killer Whales hits mainstream streaming platforms through strategic partnerships, ensuring impactful marketing.

  • HELLO Labs engages crypto enthusiasts with tailored campaigns and crypto media collaborations while targeting mainstream audiences through billboards and social media ads.

  • Killer Whales is notably a Web3 response to popular TV shows, aiming to make blockchain accessible to mainstream audiences through transparency and fact-driven feedback.

Deepcoin’s marketing success story in 2023 and beyond

Deepcoin's 2023 success, marked by a trading volume exceeding $1 trillion, reflects its strong market presence and user trust, driven by effective marketing strategies.

  • The platform not only achieved top rankings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap for derivatives exchanges but also expanded its global influence through localized marketing efforts.

  • Launching over 20 new products in 2023, Deepcoin prioritized user-centric innovation in response to market trends, further solidifying its position as a marketing-savvy exchange.

  • With a user base of over 10 million traders across 30 countries, Deepcoin's marketing strategies played a pivotal role in its international market expansion and diversified user demographic.

  • The introduction of POR highlighted Deepcoin's commitment to transparency, a key aspect of its marketing message that enhanced user trust and confidence.

Exploring 2024's transformative web3 trends for marketers

Before we wrap up, let's dive into five key trends reshaping Web3 in 2024. Fellow marketers, take note!

  • Expect increased use of NFTs in marketing campaigns to engage audiences and offer unique digital assets.

  • As the metaverse gains momentum, explore immersive advertising and branding opportunities within these virtual worlds.

  • Prepare for DAO’s influencing decision-making and community engagement in marketing strategies.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly marketing practices will gain prominence, reflecting consumers' growing environmental concerns.

  • Education and awareness around web3 technologies is essential for staying relevant in this evolving landscape.

Open web3 marketing positions:

  • OKX, Global Affiliate Business Development Manager OKX Argentina

  • Binance, Marketing and Community Manager - Balkans

  • Coinbase, Program Manager Marketing

  • Paradigm, Head of Product Marketing

  • Circle, VP Product Marketing and Strategy

  • Polygon, Director of Growth Marketing

  •, Senior/Content Specialist

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